By prioritizing the future of unified communications, Microsoft Teams has made its UCaaS integrations adaptable and efficient.

With meeting capabilities that provide a face-to-face human experience, calling features that allow your users
to make and receive calls from anywhere (even using their desk phones), and devices that
enable organizations to flourish in a hybrid-work environment, Teams is the ultimate unified
communications platform for you.

Why should my UCaaS solution be integrated with Microsoft Teams?
If you choose to integrate Teams into your UCaaS solution, you will have the ability to
customize your interface and choose what users can see. With Teams, it is possible to maintain
a close relationship with your customers while also providing an advanced, customized UCaaS
platform. If you are not integrating Teams with your UCaaS solution, you are missing the
opportunity to optimize your UCaaS solution with the many customizable features that Teams
provides to help your organization communicate seamlessly.

What does integrating my UCaaS solution with Teams look like?
Providing a detailed and thorough UCaaS platform for your customers should be your top
priority, and luckily, the integration process for Microsoft Teams is designed to be efficient and
smooth. When integrating Microsoft Teams with your UCaaS platform, you may think that you
will have to choose between cloud-based Microsoft usage or a PBX with a lot of features, but that
actually is not the case. Teams enables you to get the best of both worlds — a robust cloud-
based platform with a PBX that is customized to fit your organizations’ needs.

How will my customers benefit from Microsoft Teams?
Microsoft Teams is not only a huge benefit for your employees by streamlining the workplace
with easy-to-use communications applications, but it also makes the customer experience
seamless and efficient. Your customers will be encouraged to stay connected at all times.
Teams also enables collaboration through workspaces that allow customers to share content
and stay in touch with each other. The Teams platform is designed to simplify work and optimize
business processes, proving to be a valuable asset to both your customers and your

Contact the Eric Ryan Cloud Team today to learn more about the ways you can streamline your
unified communications platform with Microsoft Teams! We are equipped to help you decide
what is best for your organization and we are ready to tell you more about how Teams can take
your communications methods to the next level.

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